Kesef Finance
KSF Token
KSF is the governance token of the Kesef App which will enable its holders special privileges and earning opportunities. The total supply is capped at 25 million, and 6 million tokens will be offered in public sale. Toke holders will be able to participate in yield farming, get additional benefits on the card, and on the yield pools.
Token Bridge on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Polkadot
Liquidity Mining : 10 Million
Initial Supply – 15 Million
Private sale : 2 Million
Presale : 6 Million
Marketing Treasury : 1 Million
Team Tokens ( Locked for 3 months ) : 1 Million
Bug Bounties : 1 Million
Exchange Market Maker Tokens : 1 Million
Liquidity for DEX : 3 Million Token Burning and Buyback : The initial stage referred to as “Fast Start” will last for 4 weeks, or precisely 864,000 blocks. Emissions in Phase 1 will start at 1694.82 KSF per day, and it will decrease by 2.5% daily until the reward is at 797.04 KSF per day. Around 28% of the total supply will be allotted to farmers to bootstrap liquidity. After than quarterly token burns will happen as per DAO decided rates.
The price of KSF will be $1.2 USD per token during the token sale.
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