Kesef Finance
Kesef Card
We want to bridge the gap between virtual currencies and real-world use cases. For that, we designed the Kesef card that does exactly that. You can easily spend your Kesef gains using either the virtual card or with the physical card that you can order free of cost right inside the app.
The card like any other, will be accepted internationally. Whether online or in-store, you can spend your earnings like you do with a regular debit or credit card.
The most interesting part is that we don’t charge any fees whatsoever to use the card. We neither charge fees when you order a physical card from the app. If that’s not enough, we don’t charge any fees when you use your card internationally. We give you flat conversion rates that are charged by banks. Kesef does not add any other charge of its own.
You can also withdraw cash through any ATM, anywhere in the world. Again, we don’t charge any fees for cash withdrawal either. Standard currency conversion charges apply that are charged by the banks.
Last modified 9mo ago
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