Kesef Finance
What is Kesef Finance?
DeFi ecosystem is mostly based on Yield Farming and providing liquidity. But if this space has to evolve and be the solution to real-world problems, the DeFi definition should evolve too. That’s exactly what Kesef is all about.
We are bridging the gap between real-world financial problems and cryptocurrencies with an App-first concept to handle all your financial requirements. Whether it is fiat or crypto, you got covered with Kesef Finance.
The product that we offer may look like a simple wallet, but it is power-packed with almost all your financial needs - not just crypto. With a virtual and physical debit card, you can use your crypto without needing to sell them, get fiat in your bank, and then use it. Also, you can earn the highest available interest on crypto, and trade all 3000+ tokens in a curated and easy manner.
All these features without compromising the easy of use. We believe that any product should be easy to use. There’s no point developing a product to solve one problem, while creating a new complex problem of using the solution itself.
Last modified 9mo ago
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